White Metal

What is white metal?

White metals are a range of lustrous, often decorative, metal alloys used as the base for silver-plated objects, ornaments, or novelty items, as well as one of several lead- or tin-based alloys used for things like bearings, jewelry, miniature figurines, fusible plugs, some medals. and metal type. The term is also used in the antiques trade for an item suspected of being silver but not hallmarked.

Babbitt is most ordinarily used as a skinny surface layer in an advanced multi-metal structure, however, its original use was as a cast-in-place support material. Babbitt metal, or bearing metal, is one among many alloys used for the bearing surface in a plain bearing. Babbitt metal is characterised by its abrasion resistance. Babbitt metal is soft and simply damaged, suggesting it should not be appropriate for a storage surface.

White Metals or Babbitt Metals

These are tin or lead based alloys primarily used for bearing materials.

These bearings are typically used in axels and crankshafts.

White metals are also used to produce ornamental cutlery, crockery and jewelry