NASCO produces both solders and fluxes for the plumbing industry. Our range of 97/3 solid solder wire is the perfect solder for joining (soldering) copper pipes and fittings. Our range NASCO flux perfectly compliments our 97/3 solder wire and should be part of any plumber's kit.

We Provide The Below In Plumbing Markets

Plumbing Solders

NASCO produces a range of plumbing solders (97/3 solder wire) that are SANAS approved. These solders are LEAD-FREE and are therefore safe for copper fittings used for water. This product is designed to work together with our NASCO flux.

Plumbing Fluxes

NASCO produce a high quality, water-soluble plumbing flux designed specifically to prepare copper pipe surfaces for soldering. This product is designed to work with our range of Lead-Free plumbing solders (97/3 solder wire).