NASCO, National Solder Company (PTY) LTD, is a leading South African manufacturer and supplier of solder, tin and lead products, established since 1939. Our products serve a wide range of industries including the electrical, electronic, plumbing, engineering, jewellery and automotive industries. We deliver quality products across Sub-Saharan Africa and our reach extends as far north as Malawi.

NASCO offers the following product solutions:

Electronic Solder Pastes
Cored Solder Wires
Solid Solder Wires
Soft Solders
White Metal Alloys
Jewellery Metals
Lead and Tin Products
Solder Paints
Fluxes and Cleaners
Tinning Compounds
Our Goal
NASCO's responsibility is to continuously improve on all aspects of solder manufacturing as we move towards our goal of being a world class solder producer. NASCO’s SATAS certification, which conforms with SANS, provides customers with peace-of-mind and highlights NASCO’s efforts and dedication to produce high-quality and reliable products.

Our Employees
NASCO aims to inspire its employees to be the best as we engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the ever-changing needs of the industries we serve.

Our Mission
NASCO’s mission is to be an efficient and growth-oriented company, that offers service to our customers that is passionate, simple, professional and innovates constantly to achieve excellence.

Our Culture
NASCO is a culturally and ethnically diverse team, united in a common purpose which is to provide quality service and products to our customers.

Our Policies and Certificates
NASCO strives to produce the highest quality products. In order to do this we have implemented a number of policies and have received a number of certifications which help us to ensure peace-of-mind for our customers.