We Provide The Below In Hardware Markets

General Purpose Solder Wires

NASCO's range of 30S Acid-Core solder wires are designed specifically for the hardware market. These general purpose solder wires are ideal for joining galvanized metals together and the acid-flux found in the core of the wire prepares the surface for soldering

Plumbing Fluxes

When joining metals in a soldering process, like utilized in PCB assembly, flux is needed to obtain a real metallurgic bond. That guarantees the solder joint would not crack or come free even with the everyday put on and tear.

Soft Solder

The solder melts alloys containing lead that has a low melting point. With a lower melting point, this soldering type minimizes the thermal stress to wherein the base metals are subjected.

Electrical Solder Wires

The high-quality solder to apply for tinning stranded copper wire is electrical-grade rosin-core solder. This is an acid-free solder that consists of flux in the middle of the solder. Never use solder that consists of acid to strip and tin wires, as this may harm the wire or its insulation.

Plumbing Solders

Lead-loose plumbing solders are required to be used on pipes sporting ingesting water, additionally called potable water lines. Leaded solders are available for applications that don't come into touch with potable water, such as sheet metal repair or copper drain lines.

Commercial solders

It is a mixture of fine-grade alloyed solder powder and a highly active zinc chloride flux vehicle. It is for non-electronic applications and is available in the most common soldering alloys including lead-free alloys.