NASCO manufactures specialised solder wires for the electronics industry. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality wires made from virgin-material sourced from non-confilct areas.

Furthermore, NASCO supplies a range high-quality electronic solder pastes, approved internationally by the likes of FoxCon.

NASCO also supplies a range of electronic cleaners and fluxes.

We Provide The Below In Electronic Markets

Electronic Solder Wires

NASCO produces solder wires specifically for the electronics industry. Our solders are resin-cored with specialised non-corrosive resin flux designed to clean the surface and prepare it for soldering

Electronic Solders

NASCO produces solders specifically for the electronics industry. These solders are designed specifically for the wave soldering of components to PCBs. Our solders are produced from the highest-quality virgin materials. Our solders are available in leaded and lead-free bars and ingots.