Applicable in a various industries.


Applicable in a various industries.


Applicable in a various industries.

NASCO Resin Cored Solders

Resin Cored Solders have excellent "Wetting" properties. This solder is triple cored to ensure even distribution on the work surface. The flux within the triple core is non‑corrosive and non‑conductive. It is ideally suited for all electronic and electrical work. NASCO Resin Cored Solders are manufactured from the purest virgin base metals, highest quality natural resins and small quantities of highly effective activators

Typical applications of NASCO Resin Cored Solders

NASCO 63T and 60T Resin Cored Solders

are typically used for: electrical, electronic, and other assemblies and components that must not be overheated or that require a free­running solder. Radio, telephone, instrument assemblies, printed circuits and miniaturization work. Machine soldering of can­end seams and protective coatings

NASCO 50T Resin Cored Solder

is generally used for the same applications as the 40T solders.

NASCO 40T Resin Cored Solder

is typically used for Copper­bit soldering of electrical, electronic, and general work that is not particularly susceptible to heat damage and that does not require optimum penetration. Batteries, sweated joints in iron and steel (plain, tinned and galvanized), copper, copper alloys, general machine soldering, as well as for the manufacture of electric lamps.

All the above NASCO Resin Cored Solders are available on reel sizes of:

  • 3kg (packed 4 per carton)
  • 500g and 250g (packed 20 per carton)
  • Wire diameters (ex-stock) are 3.15mm, 2.50mm, 2.25mm, 2.00mm, 1.60mm, 1.25mm, 0.90mm and 0.71mm.
  • NASCO 40T is also available in 15g household packs (packed 100 per carton).
  • Please note that other grades and diameters can be made on request by the customer.

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