97/3 Solid Wire

All are lead free, non toxic, soft solder alloy, which is primarily used for soldering copper piping , sheet metal work, plumbing and metal ware.

White Metals, Sticks & Wire

Select range of White Metals applicable in jewellery, bearings etc.

Nasco Fluxes

We manufacture a large range of quality fluxes suitable for most applications, i.e plumbing. electronics etc.


National Solder is a leading solder manufacturer and supplier in Africa, as we operate at full capacity. A privately owned company, renowned for the"NASCO" brand name found on all our solder, soldering fluxes, soldering paste, white metals, solder fluids and paints.

These products are mainly used in the electronic, electrical, engineering, lamp manufacturing, automotive, mining, decorative and other specialised industries

The National Solder plant is located in Germiston, Johannesburg. Strategically positioned for distribution and supply for optimal service all our customers.



We are committed to delivering quality products to the market and our customers through unharmful processes to the environment. Hence, we conform to international product manufacturing standards, and are certified by SABS since 1939.

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We are driven by a culturally and ethnically diverse team, united in a common purpose which is to provide quality service and products to our customers. As we have trained a highly experienced personnel blended with young apprentices.

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We have exceeded our own expectations in the solder manufacturing industry, attained high production stats, revenue generation year after year. Resulting in The Chamber of Commerce & Industry - East Rand rewarding us the 'GOLD' Business of the year award.

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Latest News

Tin Silver Copper Alloys

European & American Markets are no longer using LEAD Products for the electronic and Electrical Markets. National Solder has taken the initiative in adopting these trends in the industry by being the first to manufacture and supply Africa and South Africa LEAD FREE alloys.

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Physical Address

13 Arkin Street, Indusrty East, Germiston 1401 Johannesburg South Africa